Workshops & Classes Descriptions

Classes and workshops offered by the WHSC Library Informationists are listed below.  These classes are offered throughout  the year; the schedule is displayed on the workshops calendar.

Basics of NCBI BLAST  How to use Nucleotide, Protein and Primer BLAST; how to perform multiple alignments and how to choose the appropriate database to search

Beyond PubMed  Overview of key life sciences databases to supplement or enhance a PubMed literature search.

CINAHL for Nurses  Search features and strategies

Create Bibliographies with EndNote  Hands-on introduction to core EndNote functions such as creating libraries, importing records

Impact Factors and Tracking the H-index  A demo and discussion about metrics, factors and tools for tracking publication and researcher impact.

Introduction to Epi Info 7  Overview of the key features in Epi Info 7, including the new Virtual Dashboard

Introduction to Nucleotide Resources   How to use NCBI map viewer, find a sequence for gene of interest, and how to use that sequence to set up a basic cloning project in Lasergene’s SeqBuilder. 

Introduction to UCSC Genome Browser  Overview of UCSC genome browser and learn how to use Table browser function.

Mastering PubMed  Lecture with hands-on exercises for getting the most of PubMed search using MESH, keywords, limits and customizable features

Public Health Thesis Literature Review  Strategies and techniques to find background information, search strategies, organzing bibliographies

PubMed for Public Health  Basic to comples search techniques, locating articles, introduction to EndNote

SPSS (via  Watch tutorials that cover SPSS basics such as modifying data, creating graphs and data analysis

Systematic Literature Reviews  Planning, developing focused question, search strategies, and organization

Using Ensembl   Overview of Ensembl, including downloading and exporting sequences using BioMart.