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Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library | Branches Libraries

Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library

The Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library is located at 1462 Clifton Road in Atlanta, Georgia. The 1462 Building is in front of the O. Wayne Rollins Research Center, and the entrance is on the plaza level across from the Whitehead Biomedical Research Building. (See Campus Map.)  

For comprehensive driving instructions from all locations, see Directions.

Parking is available at Michael Street Parking Deck; for details and rates see Parking.

Public Transportation: Marta serves Clifton Road with the #6 bus line.

Branch Libraries

Emory Hospital Library
Room H-140, EUH
Phone:  (404) 727-3090 Fax: (404) 727-3033

Emory University Hospital Midtown Branch Library
5th floor, Medical Office Tower
Phone:  (404) 686-1978

Grady Branch Library
1st floor, Glenn Building
Phone:  (404) 251-8777

Emory Saint Joseph's  Bellman Library
Room G37
Phone:  (678) 843-7039



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General Visitor Policy

The Library welcomes visitors by appointment. Appointments may be scheduled for up to 4 hours daily with the possibility of renewal. Visitors are required to abide by Emory University's Visitor Policy and the WHSC Library's Visitor Policy throughout the visit and when on campus.

The Library provides two visitor computers to access electronic resources. These computers are reservable for one hour with the possibility of renewal if others are not waiting.

You may book an appointment in advance or check in at the Information Desk when you arrive at the library.

Book and print journal collections can be used in the Library. 

Contact us:

Call: 404-727-5829

Access for Library Users with Disabilities

During regular University hours:

  • From the Michael Street Parking decks, School of Public Health, or School of Nursing, follow the signs to the 1462 Building.
  • Enter the main entrance of the 1462 Building.
  • Go to the end of the hallway and take the elevator down to the ground floor; turn right and follow the hallway to the exit.
  • Exit at the double doors and proceed to the Library entrance, which will be on the left.

During evenings or on weekends from Michael Street Staff Parking Deck:

  • Exit the Michael Street Main Parking Deck from the 3rd floor, near the main entrance. If parked in handicap parking on other floors, use the elevator to go to the 3rd floor.
  • Proceed to the bridge at the southeast edge of the parking deck.
  • Follow the sidewalk to the plaza courtyard (near Whitehead Building). The Library entrance is immediately across from Whitehead Building.

During evenings or on weekends from Michael Street Visitor Parking Deck:

  • From the visitor parking on 2nd floor, take the elevator near the entry gate to the 3rd floor.
  • Turn left from the elevator, go to the end of the parking area, and then turn left onto the bridge.
  • Follow the sidewalk to the plaza courtyard (near Whitehead Building). The Library entrance is immediately across from Whitehead Building.
If additional assistance is needed, please call the Information Desk at 404-727-8727 to discuss arrangments.

Services for Library Users with Disabilities

Overview | Retrieval Service | Proxy Privileges | Adjustable Height Tables


Emory University Libraries seek to provide equal access to library services and collections for all library users. If you need special assistance, please ask for assistance at the library Information Desk. Some services may require advance notice to ensure staff availability. Emory Libraries work in conjunction with Access, Disability Services, and Resources to accommodate reasonable requests for assistance in obtaining, accessing and making use of library resources, materials and services. For specific accommodations, please call our Information Desk at (404) 727-8727 or using the "Ask a Librarian" form.

Retrieval Service

Users with disabilities may request assistance in retrieving materials from the stacks at the library Information Desk. Depending on staffing levels, this service may not be immediately available. Retrieved material will be held at the Information desk for the user. We recommend contacting the Information Desk in advance for assistance in retrieving materials by calling (404) 727-8727 or or using the "Ask a Librarian" form.

Proxy Privileges

A proxy acts on another person's behalf regarding library materials. Only Emory faculty, teaching graduate students, and persons with disabilities are eligible to register proxies. Proxies cannot access your Emory Personal ID or password or contact information. Proxy privileges end August 31 of each year. To submit a proxy request, please contact the Information Desk at (404) 727-8727 or email MEDREF@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU. Please supply the name and employee ID number of the user who needs a proxy and the name and student ID number of the person who will be the proxy. To setup up a proxy Interlibrary Loan account, please contact the ILL department.

Adjustable Height Tables

Visitor computer terminals are housed on an adjustable height table on the library’s plaza level. If you need assistance with the table, please ask at the Information Desk.


Animal Policy

Because of restrictions governing University insurance policies, concerns for the integrity of research projects, and interest in the welfare of faculty, students, staff, and visitors, it is the policy of Emory University that animals are not permitted in University buildings. Service Animals and Research Animals are the exception to this policy. Assistance, Comfort, and/or Emotional Support Animals are not permitted inside University buildings without approval from the Office of Accessibility Services.  

View the full Animal Policy.


Retired Emory University faculty and staff are welcome to visit the Health Sciences Center Library. Designated workstations provide access to electronic journals and other information resources. Library staff can assist with scanning, printing, and photocopy services. Bookloan privileges are available. More information about retiree benefits can be viewed at Emory's Retiree Benefits site.

For additional assistance, please call the Information Desk at (404) 727-8727 or use the "Ask a Librarian" form.

All visitors to the Library are requested to sign-in at the Information Desk.  Book and journal collections can be used in the Library.  Two computers are available to access electronic resources while in the Library.

For more information, please see the following document: Visitor Policy.