Loan periods for books and laptops are listed below.  Journals are for use in the library only and cannot be borrowed.

Emory University, Emory Healthcare, Emory Alumni or Retirees

  • Faculty: Emory card required; 365 days with 1 renewal
  • Staff & students: Emory card required; 28 day loan, with 4 renewals
  • Emory Healthcare:  EHC card required; 28 day loan, with 4 renewals
  • Alumni:  Alumni card required; 28 day loan, no renewals
  • Retiree:  Emory card required; 28 day loan, no renewals

Staff of Affiliated Institutions

  • Emory card or picture ID required
  • 28 day loan, with 4 renewals

Members of the Library

  • Picture ID required
  • 28 day loan, no renewals

ARCHE Faculty, Students

  • Interlibrary Use Card & Univ ID required
  • 28 day loan, no renewals

Laptops may be borrowed by current Emory faculty, staff, or students for in-house use only for 2-hour loans. 


Library fines that have not been transferred to Student Financial Services may be paid by cash or check at the Information Desk.

  • Regular materials: $.50 per day
  • Recalled materials: $2.00 per day
  • Reserve materials: $1.00 per hour

Please be aware that library accounts may be blocked for failure to return recalled items by due date, excessive overdues, or accumulation of bills.

Lost Books 

Books are considered lost after the maximum number of overdue notices are sent for an item.  A $100 fee is charged for a lost book, plus cost of the book.

If you have a question or concern about lost or overdue books, please contact our Information Desk at (404)727-8727.


Emory faculty may borrow books for one year with one renewal.  Emory staff and students as well as staff of the Emory Clinic, Atlanta VA Medical Center, the Centers for Disease Control and Children's Healthcare System of Atlanta may borrow books for four weeks, with four four-week renewals. Books are subject to recall.

To renew online, go to discoverE and click on "Emory Login."   Enter your Emory ID and password, then click on "My Account," then "renew materials". Please note: books that are overdue cannot be renewed online.

Recall or Place a Hold on a Book

  • To recall or place a hold on a book that is currently on loan to another person, go to library catalog, discoverE
  • Log in (Emory login link)
  • Search for the title
  • When the record for the title appears, click on the "Request" button to place the hold. 

Initiating a recall request will shorten the due date for the book to ten days from the date of the recall. Patrons who have placed recall requests will be notified once the book is returned

A proxy acts on another person's behalf regarding library materials. Only Emory faculty, teaching graduate students, and persons with disabilities are eligible to register proxies. Proxies cannot access your Emory Personal ID or password or contact information. Proxy privileges end August 31 of each year. To submit a proxy request, please contact the Information Desk at (404) 727 -8727 or email MEDREF@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU. Please supply the name and employee ID number of the user who needs a proxy and the name and student ID number of the person who will be the proxy. To setup up a proxy Interlibrary Loan account, please contact the ILL department.