Specialized Software Lab

The Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library leases a number of software analysis tools that are essential to health sciences research. The software can be found in the Specialized Software Lab, located on the Plaza level of the WHSC Library. Access to these computers is limited to individuals with an Emory netID and password. Priority is for those using the specialized tools.

The lab features 4 PCs.

Quantitative Software

Epi Info 7 Epi Info is a tool for data collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting using epidemiologic methods 
MATLAB MATLAB is a data visualization and analysis tool used in engineering and the sciences
R R is a programming language and open source software program used for statistical computing and data visualization
SAS SAS is a command-driven, quantitative program used for data management, visualization, reporting, and statistical analysis
SPSS SPSS is a menu-driven program used for data management, visualization, and statistical analysis
Stata Stata is a command/menu-driven program used for data management, visualization, and statistical analysis 

Qualitative Software

MAXQDA MAXQDA is a qualitative content analysis program used to evaluate and interpret textual, audio and video data
NVivo NVivo is a qualitative program for mixed methods research designed to collect, organize, and analyze content from interviews, surveys, audio files, and websites

Productivity Software

Access Database management software created by Microsoft
Excel Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application designed to collect, organize, manipulate, visualize, and analyze data
PowerPoint Software to create presentations with advanced audio and visual capabilities. Part of Microsoft office package
Word Word processor created by Microsoft
Visio Software for advanced, interactive diagramming. Standard, professional, or premium Office packages available

Geospatial Software

ArcGIS Mapping and spatial analysis software.
ENVI Software for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery 
GeoDa A free software package that aids in spatial data analysis
Google Earth Virtual globe/map linking satellite images which allows zooming from sky to street level
QGIS Open source, cross-platform geographic information system with various features for mapping and spatial analysis
SatScan A free software package that analyzes spatial-temporal data uses statistics. Can be used to detect disease clusters