Background Information

Locate reliable background information on specific diseases/conditions, environmental health, socio-economics, policy, and public affairs.

Information about Health Conditions, Policies, and Basic Science

Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
Annual Review of Public Health

Key developments in Public Health


Global development information on international development issues, policy, and research


Major national and international news sources

Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases

Overview of health condition

Chemistry & Toxicology

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
Online handbook of introductory topics related to chemistry and physics, such as symbols and terminology, molecular structure, and properties
Chemical Fact Sheets
A guide created by the EPA with information about selected chemicals including how one might become exposed, how the exposure might affect one, and what agency regulates the chemical
Exposure Factors Handbook
A handbook on available information on various exposure pathways and how to assess them

International Facts

EIU Country Reports
The Economist Intelligence Unit provides socio-economic information on over 150 countries
Europa World Plus
An online reference source featuring poltical and economic information on more than 250 countries
The Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network is a global infectious disease knowlege management tool
World Bank Country Reports

Political, social, and economic snapshots of various countries provided by the World Bank