About NextBio

  • NextBio contains the world largest repository of curated public data covering a broad range of experimental design, techniques, and therapeutic areas.
  • With one click, NextBio can provide correlations to transcriptomics, sequencing data, genome-wide association studies, epigenetics, copy number variations, and proteomics.
  • Search the Literature, Scientific News, and Clinical Trials to receive summarized results presented with categorized text-mined tags for quick exploration
  • Upload proprietary or internally generated experimental data in a secure domain in order to find correlations across NextBio's curated dataset.
  • NextBio Research applications can support early stage pre-research, as well as translational discovery to identify mechanisms of disease, potential drug targets, and prognostic and predictive markers. 
  • Read more about NextBio features, applications, and publications on the NextBio blog.

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